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Planning for your Rhinoplasty Consultation

A successful rhinoplasty surgery begins with a great consultation, where patient and surgeon come together to go over the procedure and every detail it includes. Part of the success of this first one-on-one meeting with your surgeon rests squarely on your shoulders. Preparing ahead of time for your rhinoplasty consultation starts your journey to a new look off right. Make yourself familiar with what information will be expected from you at this important consultation.

Know Your Medical History

Any surgeon needs to be made aware of your medical history and other relevant information about your health in order to provide you with the safest and most effective surgical experience. Don’t be too shy to answer the tough questions about your past, as your answers could greatly impact how your rhinoplasty surgery is performed. Be prepared to answer questions about the following topics:

  • Any current and past medical conditions
  • All known drug allergies
  • Your previous medical treatments
  • Recent dental work
  • Your current medications
  • Any vitamins and herbal supplements you take
  • Your usage of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
  • All of your previous surgeries, even minor surgeries
  • Any reactions you may have had to anesthesia
  • Any injuries to the nose
  • Breathing or sinus troubles you have experienced

It might seem like your facial plastic surgeon is prying by asking so many questions, but in reality, he or she just needs to see the full scope of your medical history in order to determine your general health and your ability to handle a rhinoplasty surgery. Even the smallest details could be helpful, especially when discussing your past nasal injuries or any other problems you have experienced related to the nose. Once your medical evaluation is completed, your surgeon will be able to recommend the best course of action to treat your concerns about your nose.

Know the Results You Want

As a prospective patient, you can’t just walk into a rhinoplasty consultation and say you don’t like your nose. Your facial plastic surgeon will want to know what you don’t like about it and how you would change it. Especially if your rhinoplasty is being performed for cosmetic reasons, it is essential that you can communicate the results you are hoping to see. Communication is the first step toward a successful rhinoplasty.

Share your thoughts about your nose openly and honestly, but be ready to hear what your surgeon has to say as well. After he or she has the chance to thoroughly examine your nose, he or she will be able to tell you what features and characteristics can be easily changed or reduced. The surgeon will also have a good idea of your facial proportion and the size your nasal structure should be in in order to restore balance to your look. With this examination and your desired results in mind, your facial plastic surgeon will be able to create a surgical plan to achieve a nose that both pleases you and suits your other features.

Know the Questions to Ask

Remember that your consultation appointment is a prime opportunity to get your answers to whatever questions you may have about the procedure, your results, your recovery, or anything else. Your surgeon will expect that you will have questions and will give you the chance to ask them during your consultation. Beforehand, write down a list of the questions you have so you won’t forget. You should also take this time to ask your surgeon questions about his or her education, experience and background to put your mind at ease. Try to ask tactful but direct questions to open up a dialogue between you and your facial plastic surgeon.

At the end of your consultation, if you feel that rhinoplasty surgery and this particular surgeon are the right match for you, it’s time to plan. Work with your surgeon to choose the right date to allow you the maximum amount of recovery time. You will also be provided with information about how to prepare for your surgery, how to minimize your risk for post-operative complications, and how to recover smoothly and quickly. With the help of your surgeon, designing the right surgical experience to achieve your unique goals will be not only possible, but easy.

Know Where to Consult for Your Rhinoplasty

Choosing the right surgeon to meet with for your consultation is an important first step toward a successful rhinoplasty appointment. Consult with a recognized expert in facial plastic surgery to guarantee the best results of your rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Andrew Frankel is board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Ear Nose and Throat). He is exceptionally well-trained in the field of nasal surgery and has been recognized for his original research regarding vasculature to the nose and rhinoplasty’s effect on it. Schedule your appointment today to guarantee your best rhinoplasty results. Contact Dr. Frankel’s office, located at 201 Lasky Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, by calling (310) 552-2173.

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