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Is This Winter Season the Perfect Time for Your Rhinoplasty?

Dedicated time to recovery can be a challenge no matter when you plan your facial plastic surgery procedure. The winter season, however, offers more opportunities to some patients who might have trouble finding space in their hectic schedules. If you’re trying to plan a rhinoplasty surgery around work commitments, school schedules, and more, consider the upcoming winter season. You may be surprised to learn how many benefits the timing could offer to you.

Why Choose Winter for Surgery?

Most people tend to relax a little more when the weather is cooler, the days are shorter, and the holidays are here. Instead of the summertime rush of social interactions and late nights out, the winter gives many people the chance to stay home and catch up on rest and sleep. Rhinoplasty surgery, like many other procedures, requires lots of rest, making the winter an ideal time to plan. Other benefits of a winter rhinoplasty might include:

  • Warm clothing can help camouflage your bruises as you heal. Turtlenecks, scarves, hats, ski masks, and other bulky apparel are all in fashion when it’s cold.
  • Indoor hibernation is encouraged and expected, so you’ll have plenty of time to get the rest needed for your rhinoplasty recovery.
  • There’s no reason to be out in direct sunlight during the winter. Sun exposure can cause pigmentation issues for your healing nose and face.
  • Instead of using all of your vacation days or sick time, the winter months offer many long weekends and holidays off to save your paid time for another day.
  • Business is usually lower during winter months, so getting time off is typically easier (for certain industries).

Is Rhinoplasty Best Before or After the Holidays?

Any conversation about the winter season must include the major holidays observed from Thanksgiving to January. For many rhinoplasty patients, the holidays offer quiet time at home to rest and relax. For others, they may be jam-packed with social obligations and other hectic activities. While it may be a good excuse to have a quiet holiday season for a change, some people aren’t able to do so.

If you cannot give yourself the time for a complete rhinoplasty recovery throughout the holiday season, consider waiting until all of that holiday cheer has died down a little bit. Knowing your rhinoplasty is on the horizon might give you the motivation you need to get through the busy season. Plus, you’ll still have three-day weekends in January and February to take advantage of, so there are ways to save some vacation time. Book your rhinoplasty for the most convenient time for you and just let the snow fall outside while you stay warm, cozy, and resting.

How Can I Hide My Results From Friends and Family?

Some patients can’t wait to show off their incredible results to friends and family, but not everyone is aiming to create a drastic change in their appearance. If you’d prefer a graceful transition into those holiday parties or back to work after your “vacation,” it is possible to do.

First, choose subtle results that won’t stand out right away. If you change small details, you can still have a big impact, but leave people wondering what’s different. Next, try to distract them from your nose by changing your hairstyle, wearing a new color of lipstick, or wearing new glasses (only if this is okay with your facial plastic surgeon, of course). With makeup, you can cover up redness and bruising as you heal. These steps are key to smoothly getting back into your life without anyone being the wiser.

How Do I Start Planning My Winter Rhinoplasty?

Take advantage of the year’s slowest season by planning your rhinoplasty during the upcoming winter months. Consult with a facial plastic surgeonto achieve your best results. Dr. Andrew Frankel is board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Ear Nose and Throat). He specializes in nasal surgery and has been recognized for his original research regarding vasculature to the nose and rhinoplasty’s effect on it. Schedule your appointment today with a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon to guarantee your best rhinoplasty results. Contact Dr. Frankel’s office, located at 201 Lasky Drive in Beverly Hills, CA, by calling (310) 552-2173.

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