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She's had several surgical procedures designed to emphasize her beautiful, unique and natural face

Cosmetic Surgery: Still You, Only Improved

The essence of plastic surgery is not about changing your entire appearance, but about revealing the best possible version of yourself. Even the most subtle modifications can provide for a greater sense of self confidence and feeling of beauty. The woman above is a fifty-something year old patient of Dr. Frankel’s. She’s had several surgical procedures designed to emphasize her beautiful, unique and natural face.

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Dr. Frankel procedures


Dr. Frankel is a master at tackling the most difficult cases to create beautiful outcomes. His combination of unparalleled training, skill, artistry, and passion make Dr. Frankel one of the most sought-after facial plastic surgeons in the world. Discover more about Dr. Frankel’s surgical procedures and which is right for you.

Patient Care


“Devotion to my patients’ overall well-being, and doing the right thing for their specific situations, is paramount to the way I approach procedures. I am flattered that patients entrust me to be their surgeon and I believe this is because they know I will be honest and straight forward with them.”

– Andrew Frankel, M.D.

The Practice


Dr. Frankel maintains his facial plastic surgery practice at the renowned Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills. Lasky Clinic is one of the world’s premiere facilities for cosmetic surgery and is optimal for patients who seek surgical excellence with exclusivity, privacy, and style. Our goal is to provide a world-class, seamless healthcare experience.

Surgical process


Dr. Frankel individualizes every patient’s care. He invests the time to fully understand patient expectations, learn their complete history, evaluate the relevant anatomy, order any diagnostic tests, and take digital images when indicated. During your consultation, Dr. Frankel will discuss your surgical plan in detail to ensure all of your questions are answered.


I love my new nose. I honestly could not be happier and you did such an incredible job of improving my overall look, yet I still look like me. You are such a talented surgeon and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been referred to you, not only were you wonderful but your entire staff was a pleasure throughout the entire process.

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  • Danielle P., Lo s Angeles, CA

“I just wanted you to know that for the first time in my life, I am 100% happy with my nose! Dr. Frankel did an excellent job and everything has turned out wonderfully.”

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  • Angela D, Orange County, CA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I thanked G-d yesterday for finding such a fantastic doctor like you.”

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  • Aggie K., Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Frankel expertise

Dr. Frankel’s Reputation

Dr. Frankel has earned his distinguished reputation by dedicating himself to his profession. Years caring for patients from all over the world, teaching, innovating, lecturing, and publishing clinical studies has given him a unique perspective and a great appreciation for his work. Dr. Frankel feels that his surgical skills and aesthetic sense are still evolving and his work is becoming more detailed and nuanced.

More significantly, Dr. Frankel has honed his ability to understand his patients and their motivations and goals. This improved communication with patients has resulted in greater satisfaction for them and gratification for Dr. Frankel. Through his artistry, Dr. Frankel loves to reveal the unique, natural beauty of his patients.

Non-Surgical treatments

Non-Surgical Treatments

As a pioneer and lead researcher in the field of injectables and neuromodulators, Dr. Frankel often employs these products to improve the appearance of the face and skin without surgery. By using lasers, skin tightening devices, fat-reducing devices and a plethora of high-quality topical skin products, Dr. Frankel can lift, tighten and contour in less-invasive ways with excellent results.

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