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Neck Lift Beverly Hills, CA

Are sagging jowls and neck concerns holding you back? Discover the remarkable Neck Lift by Dr. Andrew Frankel in Beverly Hills, CA. Our solution tightens loose skin, reduces excess fat, and enhances contours, ensuring a youthful, harmonious appearance. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to renewed confidence with Dr. Frankel’s expertise.

Neck Lift in Beverly Hills


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Renew Your Neck with Dr. Andrew Frankel

Discover the transformational power of a Neck Lift performed by renowned Dr. Andrew Frankel in Beverly Hills, CA. As time takes its toll, sagging jowls, double chins, and neck creases can become unwelcome features. Our Neck Lift procedure can turn back the clock, restoring your neck’s vitality and enhancing your overall appearance. Dr. Frankel’s expertise ensures natural-looking results that rejuvenate without sacrificing your unique beauty.

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Youthful Neck Rejuvenation

Achieve a more toned and youthful neck appearance as loose or excess skin is skillfully tightened, revitalizing your profile.

Sculpted Contours

Bid farewell to excess fat under the chin, along the jawline, and neck, unveiling elegant and refined facial contours.

Timeless Beauty

Experience a boost in confidence as wrinkles and signs of aging are reduced, creating balanced facial symmetry that enhances your overall allure.

Effective neck lift in Beverly Hills for a rejuvenated neck appearance

The Neck Lift Procedure

In some surgical procedures, a facelift is also performed to address the area immediately below the chin. A small incision is created under the chin, and the loose skin (turkey neck) is widely undermined and freed up from the underlying tissues. Fat deposits that contribute to the appearance of a double chin are also removed. Once the neck muscles are tightened using a specific neck lift technique, the sagging skin is redistributed to allow it to settle smoothly over the new neck contour. If the neck area skin is excessive, it will be tightened by moving it laterally and excising the excess via incisions behind the ear. The result is a firmer appearance and a more rested appearance.

Non-surgical neck lift in Beverly Hills at Lasky Aesthetic Center

Alternatives to Neck Lift Surgery

Technological advances have been made, and there are several machines designed to tighten the loose neck skin non-surgically and treat the signs of aging. These non-surgical rejuvenation treatments can provide moderate results. Dr. Frankel offers these treatments at the Lasky Aesthetic and Laser Center and will discuss these options with you at your consultation. While they can render good outcomes and are a valuable part of a graduated approach to the neck area, these non-surgical treatments work best on relatively mild aesthetic neck concerns. No nonsurgical approach can tighten loose muscles, though, and rarely will they produce the dramatic results that cosmetic surgery can create.


As a person in the beauty profession for over 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of cosmetic procedures that have been done on clients. Therefore, I know good work when I see it. When my client sat in my chair and told me about the procedure she’d had done to clean up under her neck, I was happily surprised… because I couldn’t tell she’d had work done. I scheduled my consult, and 6 weeks later had the procedure done. I couldn’t be happier with how I look!!

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Reasons for Considering a Neck Lift

Enhancing Appearance and Symmetry

A neck lift is an excellent surgical option for those looking to improve their appearance and align it with their personal goals. The procedure can help to reduce sagging skin, excess fat, wrinkles, and other visible signs of aging in the neck region by tightening and contouring the area. This can help to restore a youthful appearance as well as a balanced facial symmetry.

Addressing Physical Discomfort and Post-Surgery Needs

In addition to aesthetic reasons, several physical discomforts or challenges can be remedied with a neck lift procedure. Patients often experience difficulty with clothing collars that fit tightly around the neck due to sagging skin or excess fat. With a traditional and even a PDO neck lift, these issues can be addressed for improved comfort when wearing certain garments. Moreover, suppose you have recently experienced weight loss or had another type of successful surgery that resulted in some retention of skin laxity around your neck. In that case, you may benefit from considering a traditional or minimally invasive neck lift.

Boosting Self-Confidence and Internal Focus

Many people opt for this procedure to rebuild their self-confidence after noticing the effects aging has had on their bodies. When patients feel better about their outward appearances, they often find it easier to focus on themselves internally without feeling ashamed or embarrassed about certain body parts. A successful neck lift result can help them rediscover that confidence they once held within themselves.

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*Each neck lift Beverly Hills patient is unique and individual results may vary.



Want to understand more about a cosmetic procedure, terminology, or just what to expect?

Preparation & Expectations of Neck Lift Treatment

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Preparation for Neck Lift

Our office will provide a comprehensive plan for how to prepare for neck lift surgery and a list of vitamins, herbs, or medications to avoid in the days and weeks before the cosmetic procedure.

You will also need to stop smoking before and after cosmetic surgery as it inhibits healing.

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Length of Neck Lift surgery

More information will be provided during your initial consultation with Dr. Frankel. The duration of the surgery varies depending on individual cases and the extent of the procedure required.

Typically, a neck lift can take anywhere from two to four hours to complete.

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Recovery time from Neck Lift surgery

Following a neck lift, expect swelling and bruising. These symptoms are normal and recede after a few weeks as the recovery process ensues. It’s important to engage in proper pain management during this time to ensure comfort.

What isn’t normal is fever or strange discharge, such as pus, from the incision site. If that happens, contact your doctor.

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Neck Lift Aftercare

Every patient heals differently, but most patients return to work in 10 to 14 days. A compressive dressing is worn for several days to aid in this process.

Avoid strenuous activities for at least three weeks or as long as your board-certified plastic surgeon recommends.

Find out more about the surgical process and how to prepare for surgery.

Neck Lift Procedure FAQs