The Lasting Positive Effects of Rhinoplasty
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The Lasting Positive Effects of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty patients have a lot of positive expectations about their post-operative results, especially when they imagine life with the nose they’ve always wanted to have. Nasal surgery ranks consistently as one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures, with millions of men and women opting to change the shape or size of their noses permanently. While some patients seek to fine tune the smaller details, others look for large-scale changes to achieve their desired results. The size of the changes doesn’t matter, however, when it comes to the lasting changes that can affect rhinoplasty patients for the long term.

Breathing Easier After Rhinoplasty

Breathing easier is not always one of the top priorities of rhinoplasty patients, especially those looking for only cosmetic changes. Yet, because the primary goal of any rhinoplasty surgeon is to enhance the appearance of the nose while maintaining or improving nasal function, it’s not uncommon for patients to report positive changes to their breathing. Sometimes, changing the external shape and size allows for internal changes that can alleviate obstructions in the nasal passageways. Consult with a skilled, board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss your concerns, both functional and cosmetic. You may be surprised at how much more easily you can breathe once your rhinoplasty recovery is finished.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep After Rhinoplasty

If your breathing is better, chances are good that you’re going to start sleeping better too. Open, clear airways can allow even patterns in your breathing, eliminating your nightly snores, frequent nose bleeds, painful headaches, uncomfortable sinus congestion, and other unwanted symptoms. Many rhinoplasty patients aren’t expecting to achieve more restful sleep at night but this is sometimes the case. Imagine how much your improved sleep can impact the rest of your life: you’ll be more alert, more focused, have more energy, and maybe even find new motivation to achieve your other goals in life. Talk to your facial plastic surgeon to learn more about improving your breathing and getting a better night’s sleep through rhinoplasty surgery.

Find Your Way In Front of the Camera After Rhinoplasty

Prospective rhinoplasty patients often claim to be fairly camera shy because of their unhappiness with their noses. If you don’t like the way you look, you’re obviously not going to be the first in line for the group photograph. At the same time, many of these prospective patients are frustrated about the way they feel about themselves, often regretful that they appear in so few pictures. Following a successful rhinoplasty procedure, however, everything starts to change and these same patients find themselves smiling genuinely before the lens. Spend some time really thinking about what the nose you want will look like and discuss your surgical options in detail with your facial plastic surgeon. When you’re happy with your rhinoplasty results, you’ll find a new love for the way you look. Fill those photo albums with brand new pictures of yourself with your family and friends.

Reveal a Younger You After Rhinoplasty

Although patients don’t typically turn to rhinoplasty surgery as an anti-aging procedure, some may accidentally uncover a more youthful appearance afterwards. While it’s tough to predict how changes to the nose can impact your perceived age, it is possible that a refined shape or change in size could make a big difference. Patients have reported a more youthful look after rhinoplasty. Plan your rhinoplasty surgery and be prepared for this unexpected perk just in case.

Find Your More Confident Self After Rhinoplasty

Successful rhinoplasty surgeries make for happy patients, a proven fact of the procedure. Many rhinoplasty patients feel more confident, self-assured, and generally happier about their quality of life. It’s easy to see how such a big self-esteem boost can result from surgery, especially in patients who have spent a large part of their lives hating their noses. This improvement in self-confidence will overflow into many areas of patients’ lives, including their personal and social lives, professional lives, mental and emotional health, and more. Feeling good about yourself is an immeasurable gift, one shared by a vast majority of past rhinoplasty patients. Talk to your facial plastic surgeon about how you can best achieve the most natural-looking and pleasing results after your own rhinoplasty.

Start Your Journey to Positive Rhinoplasty Results Today

If you’re ready to begin the rhinoplasty process and uncover its many benefits for yourself, it’s time to speak with an expert on this life-changing procedure. Consult with a facial plastic surgeonto achieve your best results. Dr. Andrew Frankel is board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Ear Nose and Throat). He is exceptionally well trained in the field of nasal surgery and has been recognized for his original research regarding vasculature to the nose and rhinoplasty’s effect on it.

Schedule your appointment today with a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon to guarantee your best rhinoplasty results.

Contact Dr. Frankel’s office, located at 201 Lasky Drive in Beverly Hills, California, by calling (310) 552-2173.

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