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Fraxis PRO: State Of The Art Anti Aging Treatment Beverly Hills, CA

What is Fraxis Pro?

Dr. Frankel is excited to be the first doctor in Southern California to have the new Fraxis PRO device from Cutera.

Refresh, refine, and revive your skin with Fraxis PRO, a leading-edge Anti Aging laser treatment in Beverly Hills that can address sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and age spots and restore a youthful glow. This device is the only multi-technology platform that features a fractional CO2 laser and radio frequency micro-needling for a total anti-aging solution.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frankel was afforded this opportunity to be the first practitioner to employ the Fraxis PRO in Beverly Hills because of his status as a Key Opinion Leader amongst his professional colleagues. Fraxis PRO takes a non-conventional approach to skin revitalization by uniquely combining two clinically proven technologies in a single device.

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Before and after comparison of a Fraxis PRO patient with wrinkles
Face: 25pin Non-Insulated / 1.5-0.5 mm / Auto Delay / 50% / 3 Passes
NLF & Jawline: 25 Pin Non-insulate / 2.5-0.5 mm / Auto Delay / 50% / 5 Passes

It is the first machine to combine energized micro-needling and fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing to allow for the treatment of varying thicknesses of the top and bottom layers of the skin. The energy applied stimulates the production of new collagen and hyaluronic acid and changes the skin structure to one that is more youthful. The combination of RF micro-needling and fractional CO2 laser resurfacing provides customizable options for patients who want limited downtime as well as those who want aggressive therapy.

How Does Fraxis PRO Work?

Hystology analysis post CO2 and RF Microneedling

Fraxis Pro uses a micro-needling system which is a unique platform that delivers bi-polar radio frequency energy between the needles at selective skin depths with varying intensities. With the use of two types of needles (insulated and non-insulated), the device can deliver a predetermined depth of RF energy that heats the deeper layers from .5mm-3.5mm. The semi-insulated needles can concentrate the majority of the energy at the tip, while the non-insulated needles can deliver energy to the entire depth including the surface if so desired. These features facilitate treating all types of skin concerns on all skin types and reduce downtime, discomfort, and complications.

Graphic depiction of the depth of a Fraxis PRO treatment

Fraxis PRO also features a high-powered fractional CO2 laser scanner to deliver stable, uniform energy in short pulses. Fractional CO2 laser has proven to be an essential therapeutic tool for treating skin by resurfacing the outer layer of skin in a manner such that a fraction of the skin’s surface area is left intact, which allows for faster healing and fewer side effects than those associated with the fully ablative lasers of the past. Its small beam size minimizes downtime, reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and provides optimal results. This fractional CO2 component can be used very conservatively or more aggressively depending on the specific needs such as acne scars or severely wrinkled skin as well as on the degree of skin damage.

With each pulse, non-insulated or semi-insulated needles with 64 or 25 pins deliver RF energy to varying depths in the skin, adjustable from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm.

Who Can Benefit from Fraxis PRO?

Dr. Frankel uses Fraxis Pro as a Non-Surgical Treatment for a wide range of conditions and skin types including the following:

  • Sun damaged skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin Laxity or mild sagginess
  • Uneven pigmentation and skin discoloration
  • Stretch marks
  • Large pores
  • Acne Scars
  • Scars from trauma, prior surgery, and many other skin concerns

Can Fraxis PRO be used to keep my skin from sagging?

Aside from treating acne scars and all the other common uses of Fraxis, one wonderful application of RF micro-needling is to help impede the aging process on the skin. The new collagen production stimulated by the laser resurfacing treatments serves to make the skin firmer and tighter. The histologic changes that result from these laser treatments are longstanding if not permanent improvements.

Why is Fraxis PRO different than a traditional CO2 laser skin resurfacing or micro-needling?

It allows for more complete skin rejuvenation with less downtime. Fraxis Pro is the ONLY device that combines the two treatments. By layering CO2 laser energy with radio frequency micro-needling, an incredible range of skin conditions can be treated in a single session by utilizing the modalities alone or in combination. The RF micro-needling can remodel the dermis’s deeper layer of the skin without injuring the epidermis (surface). Thus, rather than using CO2 to treat the entire thickness of the skin, it can be applied more specifically to the surface with greater coverage and less intensity. This combination results in a more comprehensive revitalization of all the skin layers with less redness, crusting, discomfort, and associated risks. An anti-aging skin treatment plan can be customized based on your medical history and on the specific types of skin as well as the types of conditions to be treated such as acne scars, uneven skin tone, and loose skin.

This Cutera Fractional CO2 component treats the surface of the skin and can be used very conservatively or more aggressively depending on the specific needs.


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Before and after comparison of a Fraxis PRO patient with acne scars
Cheeks: 64 Pin Semi-Insulated / 2.0-0.5 mm / 220-70 ms / Auto Delay / 60% / 3 Passes
Nose: 64 Pin Semi-Insulated / 1.0-0.5 mm / 120-70 ms / Auto Delay / 60% / 2 Passes
Jaw: 64 Pin Semi-Insulated / 2.0-0.5 mm / 220-70 ms / Auto Delay / 60% / 3 Passes

What to Expect During a Fraxis Pro Treatment?

Most treatments can be done with topical anesthesia alone, however, there are exceptions where injections or medications might be desirable. After sitting for thirty minutes with the anesthetic cream on the areas to be treated, you will be cleaned and placed in the treatment room chair. Protective eyewear will be placed to guard your eyes against the light of the laser. Dr. Frankel will then treat the areas of concern beginning with the RF microneedling followed up with the CO2 if indicated. Depending on the size of the area being treated, you can expect your procedure to take anywhere from forty-five minutes to two hours.

Before and after comparison of a Fraxis PRO patient with stretch marks
Lateral Glutes: 64 Pin Semi-Insulated / 3.0-0.5 mm / 300-180 ms / Auto Delay / 60% / 5 Passes
Lateral Glutes: 25 Pin Semi-Insulated / 2.5-0.5 mm / 250-100 ms / Auto Delay / 60% / 4 Passes

What to expect during your recovery time after Fraxis PRO Treatment?

As a rule, recovery from Fraxis PRO treatments is associated with little downtime and discomfort. If your treatment is limited to the use of the RF microneedling component the downtime is only one to three days. If the CO2 is also utilized, then the period of redness, swelling, warmth, and stinging can persist for six to seven days. With the addition of the CO2 laser, you can also expect some sloughing and flakiness within those first few days. This is completely normal and is in fact how your body heals itself after the cosmetic procedure to deliver brighter-appearing skin.

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