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Greater Transparency

The level of care and well-being of our patients is paramount, and this is shown in the testimonials below. If you are one of our patients and would like to let others know how you found your experience, please add a testimonial below.

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5 stars
from 71 reviews
  • “I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the job you did and I know it will change my life. The incisions are healing beautifully and people who haven’t seen me in the few days have no idea that I had pretty serious facial surgery two weeks ago.”

    Cameron G. Beverly Hills, CA
    5 stars
  • “I am so happy with eye procedure you did for me. It is so enjoyable to wake up everyday with pretty “new” eyes. You are a gifted and amazing surgeon. Think of all the joy you bring to so many people.”

    Jessie R., Indianapolis, IN
    5 stars
  • “It must be odd sometimes to do such brilliant work that is transparent because the outcome is so natural. I hope you get all the kudos that you deserve for your skill and artistry.”

    Sandra D., Los Angeles, CA
    5 stars
  • “Thanks for applying your artistry to my face. My face and I are most grateful.”

    Rahima B., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    5 stars
  • “Thank you for being so understanding through all of this. You are a fabulous doctor. I really appreciate the honest concern and well being you show for your patients.”

    Alex A., Sherman Oaks, CA
    5 stars
  • “Thank you for making a difference in my life. An artist, a scientist, all in one amazing person – rare and appreciated.”

    Kelly C., Beverly Hills, CA
    5 stars
  • “Dr. Frankel…I love my nose! Every day I can’t imagine it getting better than the day before and it does, magically! Just like your magical surgical hands.”

    Eden K., Los Angeles, CA
    5 stars
  • “Thank you so much for helping me. You are an extraordinary surgeon. If you hadn’t been there, no one would have been able to correct my problem. You’re the only surgeon in the country could do it. You took everything that was wrong and you fixed it. I am so lucky to have found you and that you agreed to do my surgery. You are a surgical genius and an artistic genius.  The intense complexity of what you do is astonishing on so many levels. To have vision and knowledge to conceive a revision plan and then to follow the many steps to execute the plans seemingly effortlessly to such good results is beyond remarkable. You’re the summit of incomparable expertise and phenomenal ability.”

    Christina D., Aspen, CO
    5 stars
  • “Thank you so much! I know I was completely freaked out when the cast came off, but I’m actually starting to see some of the swelling go down and it’s shaping quite nicely. These days, I’m a lot more optimistic about the results to come. Patience is key and I am sure learning that!  You have been awesome!”

    Kathleen T, San Francisco, CA
    5 stars
  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you…sincerely from the bottom of my heart. I thanked G-d yesterday for finding such a fantastic doctor like you.”

    Aggie K., Los Angeles, CA
    5 stars