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The level of care and well-being of our patients is paramount, and this is shown in the testimonials below. If you are one of our patients and would like to let others know how you found your experience, please add a testimonial below.

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5 stars
from 75 reviews
  • I want to share my sincerest appreciation for your attention to detail and talent as a plastic surgeon. Your advice to remove the cheek implants and perform a mid-face lift produced results far beyond what I had expected. I love to smile and feel my cheeks plump up; it actually makes me feel happier and, of course, I am hugely pleased with the appearance. I feel I look softer and more youthful.

    Deb T., Beverly Hills, CA
    5 stars
  • Thank you for the beautiful work you did on me. The good you do for people is beyond description. You are truly an amazing surgeon. You are so gifted and talented, and definitely chose the right profession.

    Jeannie R., Dallas, TX
    5 stars
  • Thank you so much for your kindness and advice. Your expertise meant so much to me in one of the most difficult decisions of my life.

    Patrick J., Los Angeles, CA
    5 stars
  • This is to report a wonderful side effect from my eyelid surgery, ie., the repositioning of the upper tear gland has had significant positive impact on my tear flow which has radically improved my long-term pre-existing problem with dry eyes. It’s a miracle. Thank you so much.  Perhaps you should consider specializing in eyes as well as noses! Or at least write a paper on your new discovery

    Valeriya S., Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    5 stars
  • I felt old before my surgery but now I feel younger than ever!  Thank you for bringing the “young” me back to life.

    Nancy R., Cincinnati, OH
    5 stars
  • Thank you for being an excellent doctor and a good listener. Not only do I look better, I feel empowered to change my life.

    Ruth K., Baton Rouge, LA
    5 stars
  • Technique, artistry and patience, all rolled into one! What more could we ask for? Nothing! Thanks for everything.

    Gerry N., New York, NY
    5 stars
  • The “new and improved” me is so happy and thankful to you for expertise and care. It has made a huge difference in my life.

    Carol D., Austin, TX
    5 stars
  • I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for being not only a fantastic surgeon, but a kind and generous soul. You’ve made all of this so easy with your patience and gentle demeanor

    Kendra K., Omaha, NE
    5 stars
  • As a survivor of domestic violence, Dr. Frankel reconstructed my face through the SMILE Program. The complexity of my case required creative expertise which Dr. Frankel and his associates compassionately provided. Thanks to Dr. Frankel’s exceptional skill and service, my confidence is restored and I’m regularly complimented on how fantastic I look despite going through hell and back.

    Pamela M., Los Angeles, CA
    5 stars