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Our office staff is experienced at assisting patients with all types of details that may arise in relation to surgery. It is our goal to ensure that the entire surgical process goes smoothly and that patients and their accompanying guests enjoy themselves in Los Angeles while visiting. In addition to organizing necessary lab work and medical clearance (See pre-operative requirements), post-operative care, and ancillary treatments, we will gladly help with hotel reservations and more.

Vicki Diamond, Patient Coordinator - Beverly Hills, CA
Vicki Diamond, Patient Coordinator

Information for out of town patients

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to travel to have surgery with the finest surgeons; and Dr. Frankel’s patients come from all over the world. With the internet we can arrange for you to send photos to Dr. Frankel. Dr. Frankel will review your photos as well as any notes and medical records that are available to him and, based on this information, he will establish a tentative surgical plan. Our patient coordinator will then provide an estimate of fees involved and relay any notes from Dr. Frankel. This should provide you with enough information to decide on visiting the Doctor for a formal consultation or to schedule a surgical date. If coming for a scheduled surgery, please plan on arriving a day or two prior to the procedure for your consultation and examination.

Many people like the idea of having surgery away from their home so that they can recuperate in privacy and without worrying about running into friends, business associates or who knows. Our office is accustomed to making arrangements for people traveling to Los Angeles for surgery. Everything from transportation to hotel accommodations at special rates can be handled for you. Pre-operative lab tests, nursing care and follow up will all be coordinated by our office. Any necessary medicines will be arranged for ahead of time and detailed instructions provided. Once in town you will be on “auto-pilot” and in the best of hands. Dr. Frankel requests that patients do not fly for eight days following surgery but driving is not a problem if there is a destination you would like to visit in the vicinity while you are recuperating.

The closest airport to fly into would be Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) located just 11 miles from our office at the Lasky Clinic.

Our professional staff will be glad to assist you in obtaining hotel reservations and/or an overnight nursing facility.

Below is a list of accommodations easily accessible from our office:

Information for out of town patients

The Peninsula Hotel

9882 South Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, AC 90212

The Mosaic Hotel

125 South Spalding Drive
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212
(310) 278-0303

Maison 140 Beverly Hills

140 Lasky Drive Beverly Hills, California 90212
T +1 310 281 4000 | F +1 310 281 4001 |
Reservations 800 670 6182

The Avalon Hotel

9400 West Olympic Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 277-5221

Marriott Residence Inn

1177 South Beverly Drive
Los Angeles, CA, 90035
(310) 277-4427

Viviana Sepulveda, Front Desk

Pre-operative requirements

All surgery patients are required to have pre-operative blood work. Our staff can arrange for the lab work to be performed swiftly and at very reasonable rates and to have the results sent to our office for your convenience. To ensure safety, all patients over the age of 45 must additionally have medical clearance, a history and physical examination, and an EKG performed by their internist. If a patient does not have their own internist we can recommend a physician. Patients over 65 years of age will need an x-ray.

After your surgery is scheduled you will receive a surgical packet containing pre-operative instructions and procedure consents. These documents must be read carefully and all instructions followed closely. Medicines and supplements needed for your procedure will be ordered at a pharmacy of your choice or provided through our office.

Our staff will be here for you to offer dining suggestions, shopping and excursions to see Beverly Hills, Greater Los Angeles, and the beautiful surrounding areas of Southern California.